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Three Snow Days, A Two-Hour Delay, And One Winter Concert

If I were a first year teacher, I would not have been prepared for the whirlwind that was 7/8th grade concert day. Fortunately, I’ve got some experience under my belt, so it was all good.


But man, some extra time would have been nice…

If you’ve been following along, then you know that we’ve were out of school for three days this week. Our original concert date was set for Tuesday, but in a glorious moment of forethought, I actually proactively planned ahead in case school was cancelled. I have to say, I really wasn’t expecting to make it all the way to option D!


We finally came back to school on Thursday. But, with several inches of snow still hanging around, we had a two hour delay. “Mrs. Shiflett, are we still having the concert tonight?”

Buckle up, kids. It’s go time.


We just managed to throw everything together. My principal gets the world’s greatest boss award for calling me the day before to make sure I had everything I needed, including adequate time to work with my kids. I held an impromptu dress rehearsal the last part of the day, and our high school director (who was accompanying) even got to come over to play the rehearsal, because it happened to be during his planning.


I also got to make an all-call by myself for the first time. I was proud of how smooth I was, until I hung up the phone, and elevator music proceeded to play in all of the classrooms. I thought it was just the radio, and got all the way down the hallway before I heard “thank you for holding, your call is important.” I sprinted back to my room, and hit random buttons until it stopped.


Sorry, other teachers in my building.


Anyway, here is proof that we actually threw this bad boy together after almost a week of snow storm madness and almost zero rehearsal that day. I was very proud of how the kids pulled it together at the last minute.

Dude Choir

  • Laudate Dominum, arr. Dan Davison

  • Cover Me With The Night, Andrea Ramsey

Women's Choir

  • Eu e Voce, arr. J. Edmund Hughes

  • Oceans and Stars, arr. Amy Bernon

8th Grade Chorus/ Dude Choir

  • I Choose Love, Mark Miller (re-used from Veteran's Day)

Combined Choirs

  • Sisi Ni Moja, Jacob Narverud

If you said, “Hey, Millie, if you were out for almost an entire week from a snowstorm, would you have your concert immediately upon returning to school?” The answer would probably be no. I have to admit, it was a lot for one day. But, you know what?


(break is coming!)

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