Alfred The Alligator

Have you ever been down the water spout? Way down to the bottom of the water system?

Well, we have! The music director I work with at church introduced this song to me after he found a video of it on YouTube. So. Stinkin’. Cute.

Here are the lyrics:

Have you ever been down the water spout,

Way down to the bottom of the water system?

There you’ll find a little alligator who goes by the name of Alfred,

If you do, he’s mine.

I lost him.


I threw him down the water spout,

And now I’m feeling lonely, ‘ cause he’s gone,

I miss him.

After learning this with our church choir, I took it back to my classroom. It’s our new favorite! Once you get comfy singing it in unison, it totally works as a round.


Here is a video of my boys working on it before school a few weeks ago:

This is a great warm-up to address:




Pitch accuracy

Steady beat


You could probably slow it down a bit, and solfege the entire thing, too.


In one of my sixth grade classes, we spread out around the room after I assigned them parts. Each group stepped off on their entrance, and walked around the room to the beat. So much fun!


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