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The Sub Saver

I hate being out. But, sometimes it's just going to happen. This year, instead of scrambling the night before to throw stuff together for my subs, I thought I might actually create something now before school even starts back to make everyone's lives a little easier.  Full downloadable/editable file available at the bottom of this post!


With this handy sub saver, we'll all feel just as relaxed as Napoleon does about being out of our classrooms.

Elementary teachers always have cute little binders, folders, etc. for everything. Inspired by this, I was able to piece something a little more "middle school-ey" together. Here's what I've included:

Welcome Letter

sub saver welcome letter.PNG

To thank those brave souls we call: substitute teachers.

Bell Schedule

sub saver bell schedule.PNG

My Classroom Expectations

sub saver classroom expectations.PNG

Quick Tips

sub saver quick tips.PNG

Lunch/ Dismissal Procedures

sub saver lunch-dismissal procedures.PNG

How do they get home?

sub saver how they get home.PNG

For times when the wayward bus rider tries to convince the sub they're really a car rider so that they can hang out in the bathroom. I've included an additional page in the file if you (like me) have more than 20 students in a class.

Helpful Class Info

sub saver helpful class info.PNG

You can fill in this blank chart with any helpful information as you get to know each of your classes. I would include things like: who can help with technology, if anyone has a crazy food allergy, if (insert name) goes to tutoring, the nurse, etc. at a certain time during the class, or student(s) you *cough* might have to pay extra special attention to.

Sub Report

sub saver sub report.PNG

Another blank chart that you can make multiple copies of and leave for a sub so that they can leave any notes like:

  • This is such a good class!

  • John arrived tardy

  • Susie barfed in the hall

  • I will never sub here again (eek!)

If you'd like to make your very own sub saver, I've included a downloadable Microsoft Publisher file below. Feel free to edit it to your liking! I had to upload it to a Google Drive file first so that you could download an editable file, but it won't allow you to preview it before you download. Just a heads up.

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