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Middle School Jamz: Songs My Kids Like to Sing for Karaoke Friday

The last Friday in August was our first Karaoke Friday! Today, I'm sharing some of the songs my students ended up singing to give you a few ideas about finding some tracks for your own classes. To read more about how I run Karaoke, check out this post.


How to find the tracks you need

The video embedded above is a great example of the types of tracks we like to use. It has the instrumental track without vocals, but words are displayed across the screen with some sort of tracking on the text. Sing King Karaoke has TONS of videos you can use. To find videos on YouTube, just type in the name of your song, followed by karaoke. So, for this video, I would type: "Fight Song karaoke" in the search bar.

Here are the tracks my students used

​Each song includes a hyperlink that will take you to the YouTube video students sang with in class. Just click on the blue text.

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