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Conferences Just Make My Heart So Happy

I’m still reflecting after a long weekend at our SCACDA conference. In our state, ACDA hosts our all-state choirs, instead of SCMEA. So, not only was this a professional conference for me, it was also all-state weekend for my students.


This year, we went to Charleston, SC. My students rehearsed, performed, and got to see other choirs from around the state. Concerts were held in St. Matthew’s Lutheran church, which was beautiful in and of itself.

Day One

I started off my Friday morning by loading up some of my students in our big, district suburban. We left right at the butt-crack of dawn to make the three hour trip from our end of the state down to the coast. During our ride, I had a great time with my students, and Brian, our chaperone!!. We took turn playing songs for each other on my phone, ate snacks, and just generally hung out.


Once we got into town, found parking, ate at Chick-fila (a must for any chorus trip),  we then packed into the church for our first concert of the day. SCACDA is always really special for me because I get to share these experiences with some of my students. For most of them, it’s the first time they’ve ever been to a “real” choral performance.

The day sped by, filled with rehearsal for the kids, and meetings for myself. I met back up with them around dinner, and got to chat with them about how the day was going, what they liked/disliked, etc. Almost all of my students auditioned for solos this year (proud teacher moment!), so that was the big topic at dinner.

Day Two

Day two was all about getting ready to perform. On Saturday, I got to spend time in each ensemble rehearsal and see what they were doing. Interest sessions are great and all, but observing clinician’s doing their thing is really where it’s at for me. I love seeing what little tricks they have up their sleeves, and how they get the kids vested in the music and each other.


I literally InstaStoried (is that a verb?) all morning...I wanted my students back at school to see what they could be a part of if they decided to audition for next year! Yes, I’m using it for recruiting, and I’m not ashamed. To see my highlights from InstaStory, click here.

The Concert

Ok, not gonna lie. I was up in the balcony crying like a baby. I donno, there’s just something so touching and magical about sitting back and watching your students do their thing and be super awesome at it. SO. MANY. FEELS.


I also cry when I take them to see musicals...The Lion King: bawled. Phantom of the Opera: Sobbed. Not at the musical. I always watch their faces during the opening song.


And the pride that these kids have for all of the amazing work they did...They were beaming after they sang!!

So, The Moral Of The Story Is:

Being in the trenches of the classroom day in and day out isn’t always so glamorous. It can be tedious, repetitive, and even wearing to a certain extent. But these moments...these special moments where you can just give your kids a chance to shine. That’s what makes my heart so full!


I just felt so happy, refreshed, and positive when I came into school on Monday. Any exhaustion I had from the weekend didn’t matter, because we had a great time together.


I guess recharging doesn’t always mean binge-watching 10 hours of Netflix, lol.


P.S.- On the way home, we ate cans of Pringles, and I listened to the boys make fart jokes for three hours. #middleschool.

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