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Starting Off On The Right Note

Whew! I just got home from the first day of school. It was a great day!

I knew my students would be sitting in other classes, listening to procedures and expectations ALL DAY. Not saying I didn't do any of that, and I'm most certainly not saying that procedures and expectations aren't incredibly important (trust me, they are)...but I just wanted to do something a little different to get everyone excited.

I created this grand staff using a roll of black vinyl. You can get the exact kind I used here. The backing has grid lines to aid in your artistic pursuits.

Here's the same wall at the end of the day:

I loved how this turned out!

And the best part? The kids did everything other than making the note templates. I told them to take their time and decorate their note in a way that made them happy, then they cut them out on their own, added tape or poster putty, and stuck them on the wall wherever they wanted.


Some highlights, for your enjoyment:

  • in red-"Mrs. Shiflett, my note is the highest!

  • in purple-These notes have decided to go their own way

  • in yellow- Some very inventive sixth graders put their notes ON TOP of the bass clef

  • above the arrow- pretty sure this is the note my boys at the end of the day were reenacting Grey's Anatomy  with. As in, they brought it up to me torn into three pieces. Told them they could get another one because I made plenty of extras. Hear them snickering with the tape five minutes later because they thought it'd be funnier to just piece it back together.

I am 100% not going to change anything about how they decorated. I love what they did, and it's completely them, quirks and all! ( I may go back and add some hot glue...just to make sure everything remains attached to the walls.)

Here is what they started out with when they came in the room:

Sorry about the random food stain. Middle school, ya know?

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