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Rock, Opera, Disco

It’s like rock, paper, scissors, only dorkier.

I usually save this game for the end of class, but today I decided to flip it around, and use it as a body warm-up instead! Watch how my 5th period played the game in the video, and then read on to find out more about procedures, and rules for the game.

How To Play

I start off by drawing the following visual on the board:

rock opera disco.png

Look at me, gettin' all fancy in microsoft paint.

This stays on the board the entire time we play, so that students can refer to it as needed. What it translates to is this:

  • Rock beats Opera

  • Opera beats Disco

  • Disco beats Rock

For rock, you rock out on air guitar. You put your hands together at your waist and give your very best fancy singer pose for opera. And of course for disco, you disco!

I demonstrate how to play each round by bringing a student up to help me. We stand back to back, and I count down like this: “3, 2, 1, GO!” When I say go, you turn around to face your partner, showing what you’ve picked. Winners progress to the next round, and losers sit back in their chairs to observe. Pairs that tie still have to go find a new partner. (I’ve had kids conspire to tie over and over so they make it to the last rounds.)


To help keep my class on task, I tell them they have the amount of time it takes me to play the Jeopardy song on the piano to either sit out, or find a new partner and get ready.


Winners get bragging rights!

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