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Turning S-Cubed into an SLO

SLO's (or Student Leaning Objectives) were created as a means to measure student growth, and teacher effectiveness. Why not save yourself some time, and get a copy of my SLO at the bottom of this post to adapt as your own?. Feel free to copy/paste into your documents.

SLO cover page.PNG

When the concept of SLO's first rolled out in our state a few years ago, I was asked to be on the SLO development team. We got first access to what the document was asking us to do as educators, and we were tasked with coming up with ideas for our other fine arts department members to use when designing their own SLO's to make the whole process easier on everyone. So of course, all of the music people decided the easiest thing to use would probably be sight reading. 

Learning Goals/Growth Targets

As an S-Cubed user (check it out here), designing my SLO really wasn't that difficult. The Power Points in Level 1 lay out clear goals for each lesson already, and has an obvious end goal: sight sing successfully in 2 parts. To fill out my SLO, I just went through and wrote down some of those specific goals.

week 8 goals.PNG
week 18 goals.PNG
week 27 goals.PNG

Assessing your SLO

If your school actually requires that you turn in your assessment data to them, you can easily do so by videoing your classes during sight reading. If you're doing tiered assessment, just have students individually record themselves on a device while you record them group. For both pre- and post-assessments, I used similar 2 part sight reading examples taken from the last few lessons in S-Cubed level one. The post assessment window also falls around our performance assessments, and I've been able to use our sight reading scores from that as a post-assessment, too!

If your state has a rubric or assessment form for sight reading, I would just adapt that for your SLO rubric.

Funny Story: The first year I did this SLO, I filmed the pre-test and straight up caught a kid saying to herself " I have no idea what I'm doing right now." Don't worry, she did by the end of the year!.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

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