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Chorus Calendar Photo Challenge

Want to make sure that information you give the kids actually makes it home? Make it into a challenge!

Last Wednesday, I gave out copies of the calendar for this year and told the kids that if they could go home and take a picture to prove that it made it, I would give them an extra 100 daily grade. I also told them they'd get bonus points if their picture made me LOL. I wanted them to be as creative with it as possible.

Boy, they did not disappoint.

Here are a few of the stellar pictures I received:


Some even went all out and made gifs and short videos! 

Last but not least, this excellent example of trolling...


Submissions were e-mailed, or messaged to me on our chorus Instagram account.

I loved these pictures! Not only were they extremely entertaining, but I also learned about the kid's pets, younger siblings, interests, and just how creative they can be.

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