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A Coda usually signifies the final, added on measures, of a piece of music. It's a summary of sorts, neat and tidy, and straight to the point.  I've been keeping a mental list of things that I wanted to share with you, but aren't necessarily items that would justify an entire post.

**Enter Coda, stage right**

If you get lost, just follow the sign...


  • "Mrs. Shiflett, do you like my Gucci slides?"

  • We were hanging out after school waiting on buses to be called, when this impromptu jam session happens.

  • Some of my 8th grade boys have been showing me useless websites, like this one, which is literally just a chihuahua spinning in bubble wrap. They've been competing to see who can log more rolls. One day, they left their screens open under their chairs for me to watch while we were doing other things in class.

IMG_0922 (1).JPG
  • The day before we left for all-state chorus last week, we held our second chorus tailgate. This time, we went to a volleyball game! Fun Fact: Roughly half of the volleyball team is in Chorus!!

I'm Digging

  • Choir Bites, by Brody McDonald, provides "bite sized, thought provoking quotes to build better choirs." I found this site through the I'm a Choir Director Facebook page. Each post is a quick read, and ranges from motivational quotes, like the one above, to quick tips to enhance your daily rehearsals. I creeped on this site for like an hour yesterday. Check it out!

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