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Nope, it's not his birthday. There's nothing special going on, he just felt like rocking a Burger King crown at school today.

Also relevant to #meanwhileinmiddleschool, yet not captured in a photo: One of my boys asked me "Is it ok for guys to shave their legs?" I looked up from my music stand to see a single strip of shaved hair down the front of his calf, and two cuts going right down the middle.

My advice: "Never start on the calf bone, or you'll always cut yourself. start from the side and work your way up."

Caught In The Act

I managed to catch my 2nd period 6th grade class working on one of their Shimmer exercises. You can read more about that here. P.S.- the only time I sang was to give them a pitch right at the beginning. Everything else was all them!

I Can't Even...

If you guessed bird poop, you'd be wrong. It's actually coffee. Because I REFUSE to use a metal thermos, but am simultaneously clumsy. I knocked my elbow earlier this week as I was trying to get in the car to head to school, and ended up with this. I gotta say, this is actually an improvement, since I managed to spill it on the outside of my car.

Have a great weekend!

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