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A Music Folder Storage Solution

In my new classroom, I don't have any dedicated storage for music folders. At my old school, I had multiple Wenger cabinets, but I know it's not in my budget right now to purchase anything like that.

IKEA to the rescue!

I purchased a bunch of these bamboo plate holders for 4.99 each, and hot-glued them into a low bookshelf that was already built into the wall on one side of my room.

I can fit three of these racks on each of my bookshelves which fits 20 1 inch black binders standing up.

Once I attached each rack, I labelled both folders and slots with numbers. Students match their folder number with the label on the bookshelf to make sure it lives in the right spot at the end of each rehearsal. On top of the bookshelf, I have a list of names that coordinates with each folder number that students can check when they forget what their number is.

Sorry about the random trash in this picture...but that's real life for ya!

How are they holding up?

I've been using this setup with my after school students since September, and overall it's working just as well as my Wenger folder cabinets did. Some of the racks have come detached from the rest of the shelf from kids shoving their folder in without taking the time to look first...but that's an easy fix to re-hot glue down.

Now if I could just keep them from destroying the holes in their music!

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