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We Will Fight

After mentioning that we were working on this song in last week's post, I received several requests from different individuals wanting to know more. I have to start off by saying that I can't take very much credit for this song. I learned it from a fellow classmate in my master's program, Bridget Duffy Ulrich (who also has a website with great info for newer teachers!) But really, she has TONS of resources on there that are great for teachers with any level of check it out. The first video is from an in-class rehearsal. Some volunteers kept the body percussion going, while we started off singing the melody, and then added in upper and lower harmony.

It takes a few weeks for everyone to get comfortable with the body percussion, but it's so much fun to do! I haven't had any issue with students getting frustrated during the learning process, because they just want to get it right, and they feel really cool when they do.

The bottom video is a demonstration of how to perform the body percussion, and a breakdown of how you can teach it to your classes. At the end, I also show you an alternate rhythm that you can pair with the first, or use on its own.

Adding the upper and lower harmony is fairly new for the class I filmed. When they learned it for the first time last year, we worked the most on just doing body percussion and melody.

Teaching Tips

  1. Teach the body percussion and melody separately. Sometimes, it's hard for even me to do both together.

  2. Once the kids get comfortable with body percussion, you can divide into two groups. One group does body percussion, the other sings the melody. Then have them switch parts the second time through.

  3. Start adding the upper and lower harmony once they get comfortable with the melody.

  4. You can do any combination of any parts, and it sounds cool no matter what! Don't feel like working on body percussion today? Snapping on 2 and 4 is another easy solution!

  5. This song originates from the apartheid period in South Africa. My students and I have had some really meaningful discussion when I tell them more about the history behind this song.

Click below to download the pdf of "We Will Fight." To add upper and lower harmony, just sing a third higher or lower.

We Will Fight
Download PDF • 21KB

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