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Spring Concert 2019

Today is officially the second day of summer for me, and I'm so excited to share photos and video of our spring concert with you!


I wasn't able to get my 6th graders on video this time (we forgot to set up the recording...) but I do have footage of my 7/8th grade concert! This year, our final concert was all music theatre, including soloists. 

I experimented with adding some simple staging, choreography, and even costumes! 

Though putting this concert together at the end of the year with only a few weeks turn-around is usually pretty stressful with testing and everything else in between, I was really proud of the end product and how the students pulled it off. Here are some cool facts about this concert:

  • Like I just said, all of the repertoire came from various musicals...including the student selected solos

  • This was the first time I had a full, four piece band (piano, lead guitar, bass guitar, drums)

  • I attempted some simple staging and choreography. I am NOT a dancer, you guys!

  • After training the students on how to do transitions, everything was run by them the night of the concert. I stayed in the pit with my band members, and just gave simple cues to groups when they were sitting in the audience to remind them it was time to transition. Two students handled mics and the curtain for me backstage. 


At the end of You'll Be Back, 8th graders moved into three rows off the risers to end in a kick line. They had so much fun with it! My King George is back in the top right corner with his cape still on.

The Program

spring concert program.PNG

Solos repertoire in between large group numbers were chosen by the soloists themselves. I just gave them the requirement that their song had to be from a musical, and let them go from there.


Above: Premier Soloists in action! Usually, I just let them sing with tracks, but I actually accompanied two of them this time.



A post about a concert wouldn't be complete without some video footage, am I right? The video above is the entire concert, unedited. I always like to see how different directors handle programming and transitions, and thought you might have an interest in seeing that as well.

AAANNND More Pictures


BTW, these pictures came from my friend and awesome art teacher, Laura Curtis! If you're local, totally check out her photography business here. Thanks, Laura :)

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