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My two dollar face mask solution

There are so many different solutions for singing with masks out in the world right now. Sifting through options to find what will work best can be...overwhelming to say the least.

I saw a classroom teacher on Facebook talk about bracket inserts about a month ago, so I ordered some on Amazon to give it a shot. Now, I won't wear my mask anywhere without it.

Here's a short video I made to show you a little more about how the insert works:

This works with all types of masks. I've personally tried it with both surgical and cloth masks, and it's been fine. As a glasses wearer, having a mask with an adjustable nose piece seems to work better to reduce lens fogging. From experimenting so far, my favorite combination to sing with in class has been a surgical mask with the plastic insert. Why? The material for surgical masks seems to muffle sound slightly less than thicker cloth, adjustable nose piece keeps both parts in place and minimizes glasses fog, and full inhalations feel less taxing during a rehearsal.

I also feel like I can fully drop my jaw. The insert just sort of moves with your mouth as you sing.

Here is the Amazon link to exactly what I ordered. It comes in a pack of 5 for 9.99, and is Prime eligible. (They also have little clips on the side so you can slip them to the folds of your mask to help keep it in place. I haven't really felt like I've needed that feature.) My students have seen my bracket, and several have requested that I take a group order so they can have them, too.

Obviously, singing with a mask still isn't fun. But, this is helping make singing feel a little more like normal....and doesn't cost thirty bucks!

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